Sphere machine

3D printed sphere machine

Producing a perfectly shaped wooden sphere without machine assistance is almost impossible. Industrial sphere machines are extremely expensive and far too bulky for home use. For this reason, I designed, built and tested a 3D-printed ball machine. The machine is comparatively simple in design and should be able to be assembled by anyone who can

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Thumbnail lens grinding machine

How to create 3D printed optical lenses with a 3D printed lens grinding machine.

Optical lenses have been invaluable to mankind for centuries and have found application in numerous fields, be it astronomy, photography, medicine or the everyday use of eyeglasses. In recent years, additive manufacturing, in particular stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing, has made astonishing progress, making it possible to produce complex geometric structures with high precision. In this

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Valve controlled steam engine

Here I present my homemade valve steam engine, which I made a few years ago. Thanks to the clearly visible valves mounted on the top of the machine, it gives an extremely impressive sight. In my eyes, it represents my masterpiece and for this reason it has a very special place in my living room

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Vibration Bowl Feeder System

A vibratory bowl feeder system is generally used to separate various components and bring them precisely into the correct position. These systems are used in a wide range of industrial applications. The following are some examples: Vibratory bowl feeders are commonly used in assembly and manufacturing plants. They are used to automatically feed parts such

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DIY Model steam boiler

Here I present my model steam boiler with a filling volume of 130ml. The steam boiler is suitable for very small steam engines. Built the boiler mainly from brass. It is very important that all Tiele is soldered with 55% silver braze. The boiler When designing a steam boiler, there are

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