I am Fraens

Technical 3D printing - A very special hobby

As a child, I grew up with Lego technic, model trains, computers and steam engines. As a young adult I started working in a small metal workshop in Austria. There I learned the knowledge of metalworking. When I was grown up I started a further education as a mechanical engineer. This was my first experience with programming, CAD drawing, electronics, Arduino and much more. Shortly after that I started to work as a designer in special machine construction. During this time I refined my knowledge of machines and developed a high level of problem solving skills. When you work with machines for 9 hours a day, you have to deal with a lot of problems ;-).

My mission is to create high quality technical construction manuals of machines of various types. I try to make my machines with as simple means as possible to be able to rebuild them easily for almost everyone.

For moving pictures check out my Youtube channel

All my projects can be found on Youtube.

You can contact me at: fraensengineering@gmx.at

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